An abundant life.

Living a life of intention and purpose.
Walking free from stress, anxiety, and fear.
These are things I had always desired and felt down deep in my gut were available, but I never truly lived this way…until I took the journey of inner healing and recovery.

Before I found my own personal freedom I would look at people who seemed to have it all together and wonder what their secret fears and vices were. Were they closet drinkers? smokers? gamblers? cutters? Were they excessively greedy? angry? Did they cry themselves to sleep at night…or did they sleep with strangers to keep themselves from feeling alone? Somehow, I thought if I found out that others were suffering, I wouldn’t feel so bad about my own unfulfilled existence.


Much later in my journey, my eyes were opened to the truth.
We are all flawed, damaged and perfectly imperfect.
We are all afraid.
We all are desperately starving for love.
We have all failed at many things.
And most importantly, we are all here to learn how to partake in this great and wonderful dance of life together as we discover the path to healing and freedom.

Each one of us is gifted with a divine purpose.
We all matter greatly and are valuable beyond our understanding.

We are designed to reach our purpose, but the truth is, only a handful of us will get there. <—Okay, I really struggled with writing that last sentence because it sounds profoundly negative…but I had to say it, because it’s 100% true.
Because there are a million voices battling for our attention every single day.
Not just the voices on the outside, but the internal ones….that’s the battle that can keep us stuck.
Stuck for days.
Stuck for years.
Stuck indefinitely.

The direction of our lives is determined by the voices we respond to. Click To Tweet

Are you waking up in a daily funk?
A panic?
Do you struggle with such a lack of motivation and clarity that you’re beginning to think this is normal for you?
Do fears or limiting belief systems keep you from taking a risk and pursuing your passion?

If you’re nodding your head yes…yes…yes,  you’ve come to the right place.
I’ve been where you stand, and I’m here to tell you, there IS a way out!

A joyful, peaceful, overcoming life…one where freedom, a true sense of security and mental clarity are the norm is really out there for you!

So, how do you get from where you are now to the freedom, healing and satisfying life you desire?

I’m glad you asked, because that’s what this website is all about.
It is our journey of becoming.
Our journey of healing…and freedom…and joy.

We’re going to get there…together.
Starting today….it’s all going to be different.

There are no accidents and it’s not a coincidence that you’ve stumbled upon this website. Everything happens for a reason, including the fact that you have joined me on this journey.

It’s easy to navigate through this site because everything is either numbered, labeled by topic, or both. This is intentional and will help ensure that you don’t miss vital portions of the journey. Of course, you are free to flutter around however you decide. Some of us just have to start in the middle or the end. No worries! I trust you will be led to read exactly what is meant for you!

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P.S. I’m glad you’re here. xox